Conservative theatre promotes the following beliefs:

  • The existence of a higher being, greater than human beings, who sets standards for living.
  • The United States federal government should follow the true law of the land: the Constitution.
  • Individuals should determine their own fate, with government’s sole purpose being to promote liberty and defend our sovereignty.
  • Traditions of eras past provide guidance for our future and should not be dismissed out of hand as antiquated.
  • The existence of evil.
  • The existence of human nature.
  • The exceptionalism of the United States.
  • Celebration for the exceptional/successful and not the mediocre/failure.
  • The free market is the economic system most likely to promote fairness and equality (as well as democracy).

And above all . . .

Disagreement Does NOT Equal Hate!

What conservative theatre is NOT: corporate musicals, money-making revivals, or blockbuster theatrical extravaganzas—often defined as "conservative" because they seek to turn a profit.  In fact, conservative theatre hopes to thrive in more intimate theatre spaces where ideas are given emphasis over spectacle and star quality.  In that regard, we are no different than groundbreaking theatre practitioners such as Artaud and Brecht, albeit from a decidedly different political point of view.  It is our belief that conservative responses to social, cultural, and political movements are every bit as legitimate as those of the left.
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